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Christi and her standard poodle, Sofia were asked to appear on the Marilyn Denis Show for Halloween.  Sofia is a show dog, an agility dog, and has been asked to perform in a number of commercials, television and movies including her own Pilot show last year.
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Christi's male standard poodle, Kai.

Kai finished his American Championship in an unheard of 1 weekend!!
His dad, Spenser, was the top Canadian ALL BREED champion a few years back.
Jason KB Photography

Celebrity Stylist, Christi Powell is the owner of DOGee. With 20 years experience in high end salons in both Toronto and Chicago, Christi has pet styled for celebrities, artists, designers, such as Getty Lee (Rush), Elton John, interior designers, Lynda Reeves/Hillary Farr, and fashion icon Jeanne Becker.

Asked to style and handle for TV, film, and commercial photography for business moguls such as Disney, Canadian Tire, Dyson, Post City Magazine, Toronto Life, Marilyn Denis Show, General Mills and Wendy's, Christi is highly experienced.

*Vila is now the proud and talented owner of the Toronto DOGee Spa! 
Christi is accepting an exclusive clientele, in Brantford for COSMETIC TEETH CLEANING, Dog Styling, Grooming Instruction, and Reiki Energy Healing.
(American and Canadian Champion 
Classique d'Artagnon)

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Christi Powell

Gentle Scaling with hand tools above the gum line.  Find out if your dog qualifies.