Award winning stylists!

Specializing in hand scissoring and sculpting!

Hand scissoring is a skill that takes many years to develop the strength, vision and steady hand to perfect.   It takes extra time, patience, and a great connection between dog and stylist.  Hand scissoring, along with fluff drying and hand straightening, leaves the coat very smooth, soft and even.  

Sculpting allows the stylist to create the breed standard or custom clip, flattering each dog’s individual body structure.  Traditionally, clippers are used for 80 % of a groom, which will only follow the shape of the body, often leaving lines, unevenness and choppiness to the coat.

Going a step further we step back like a judge at westminster dog show and analyze each dogs structure so we can shape the most flattering conformation!


We get to know each client like family.

Trust building, just like when training a puppy, by being consistent, predictable, gentle and supportive.  Our approach to creating a safe, welcoming and fun environment is built on trust. Paying attention to each individual dogs needs throughout the day helps us set up a personalized, relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

Socialization and observation of every dogs energy level is key to grouping dogs where they will thrive. Paying attention to emotional needs, during and outside of active grooming, creates a bond of respect and trust between stylist and dog. 

Day Care atmosphere for social dogs, allowing for a lounge area and play area as well as social elevated areas, for shy dogs, help dogs gain confidence and security.

Educating our clients by giving, and helping keep an appropriate schedule for the dog that works for the parent is essential.

Timing of standing appointments and day care visits are how we help create a secure dog who enjoys their spa day. We recognize dogs tend to be on a emotional memory of 4 weeks. Timing a maintenance groom within 4 weeks, allows the spa day to become routine rather than an event.

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Christi and her standard poodle, Sofia were asked to appear on the Marilyn Denis Show for Halloween this year.  Sofia is a show dog, an agility dog, and a pivotal member of the DOGee family.

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Christi's male standard poodle, Kai.

Kai finished his American Championship in an unheard of 1weekend!!
Jason KB Photography




Dog Walks

Celebrity Stylist, Christi Powell is the owner of DOGee. With 20 years experience in high end salons in both Toronto and Chicago, Christi has pet styled for celebrities, artists, designers, philanthropists and successful figureheads such as Getty Lee (lead singer of Rush), Elton John, interior designers, Lynda Reeves and Hillary Farr, and fashion icon Jeanne Becker (FCUK) and more.

Christi has been asked to style and handle for exhibitions, commercials, TV, film, and commercial photography for business moguls such as Disney, Canadian Tire, Dyson Vacuums, Post City magazine, Marilyn Denis Show, General Mills and Wendy's.

Recently having sold the Toronto DOGee Spa to her apprentice, Vila.

Energy Healing, Consulting/Coaching, and Travel are her passions outside of her Brantford/Ancaster area pet boutique and spa.  
(American and Canadian Champion 
Classique d'Artagnon)
Toronto, ON, 
(416) 515-7729

Brantford/Ancaster, ON
(519) 802-1207