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Before and After Photos 
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Schnauzer Breed Standard Clip
Husky Undercoat and Matts
Celebrity pet stylist, Christi Powell has been styling, in Toronto and Chicago for over 17 years.
Always focusing on quality over quantity, DOGee Stylsits hand dry every coat.  With no cage drying, the pets are not only safe but, they always look as though they’ve come from a show ring!  
Making sure each pet gets the attention they need and deserve, every dog goes home happy. 

Shedding and Undercoat

Any dog with undercoat will have the unwanted/dead coat thoroughly loosened and removed by hand drying, brushing and carding.  Now there is an extra special service offered called Furminating where a special solution and new tool is used to loosen and card the coat.We have searched the show world to find the highest quality tool and product to replicate the 90% coat removal system, even safer!

 All Breed Standard Clips
  • Fancy hand scissored clips.
  • Japanese Styles!
  • Hand Stripping (Terriers) 
  • Perfectly parted full coats, with top knots and a bow!

Custom Clips
  • Teddy Bear cuts
  • Funky Bell Bottoms 
  • Chic shag boots
  • Mohawks
  • Dyed coats

Spa Services

Skin and Coat Treatments:
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Shedding Treatment
  • Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, Oatmeal, Colour Enhancing Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Natural Flea Shampoo and Home Remedy DeSkunking
  • After Spray's and Conditioners
  • Stain Removers and preventative suggestions

Special Spa Services:
  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Mid day walks
  • Manicure and Pedicure (no bleed method guaranteed)
  • Teeth Brushing/Breath Spray
  • Cologne (luxury fragrances)
  • Anal Glands (if veterinarian recommended)
  • Ear Plucking and Cleaning
  • Nail Polish
  • Special Handling (nervous, elderly or aggressive pets)
  • No stressful Dematting!

Whether your pet is simply visiting for a tidy up, or staying for a full spa day and make-over, Christi makes sure he or she is always comfortable and loving the experience!

Each salon has individual pricing according to breed, level of skill/special handling involved, condition of coat and specified style.  

​In order to maintain our professional cut and styles we offer the most economical maintenance grooms in order to keep the coat looking and feeling phenomenal.
Schnauzer Breed Standard Clip
Husky Undercoat and Matts

​Natural Coat Mondays
​Dogs with shedding rather than growing coats like boston terriers, labs, and boxers get goofy together.

Puppy Tuesdays
​New puppies socialize while gently being introduced into the fun and pampering routine of bathing and styling.

White Dog Wednesdays
Westies, bichon frise, poodles and more tend to flock to us in two's, and happen to gravitate to their other white friends! So much so, they needed their own day.

Show Coat Thursdays
Our specialty.....LOTS OF COAT and lots of detail!  Havenese, shihtzu, coton du tulear, bearded collies, poodles, hand stripped terriers,...all friends, all gorgeous. 

Yorkie Fridays
Tiny happy dogs dancing everywhere! Sounds noisy you say? Never.  They are too busy playing and cuddling.  Most of our videos to mommies tend to be this cute overload day.

Calm Day Saturdays
Our stylists inspired this day and deserve it.  We happen to have to two most calm and sweet girls in the industry.  this day is for the dogs that most appreciate the classical music and aromatherapy spa day.

 Christi competed July 23, 2011 at Canada Grooms in the Advanced Poodle grooming competition and won!  This is her second competition, winning first place both times, against some of the top stylists, head speakers and judges in Canada.

Erica competed this year at Super Zoo in Las Vegas and placed first in the open category!!
Yorkie Fridays!!
We're well known for our specialty day "Yorkie Friday", but did you know about our other days?
This poodle was groomed at another salon.  Notice they clipped with clippers one length all over.
She looks gangly and her back is "roaching".
Same dog, same day!!!! No we did not add extensions.
Hand scssored and sculpted and reshaped with us, she is much more proportionate, balanced and proud looking. 
This husky is waaaay over due and full of dead hair and undercoat.
All dogs, even natural coats need at least monthly bathing. Not just for shedding and clean homes but for comfort.  
Christi Powell working on Dara, a Black Russian Terrier Show puppy.